Syllabus Support

The 1991 K-6 Science and Technology syllabus is still current. Only the outcomes have been replaced by those listed in the 2000 Outcomes and Indicators document.

The following links will assist you in implementing the syllabus.

    Key Documents

Key Documents and Kits in schools

2000 K-6 Science and Technology Outcomes and Indicators - Download syllabus documents.

1991 K-6 Science and Technology Syllabus and Support Document - Download syllabus documents. Outcomes in this document have been replaced by those in the above.

K-6 Outcomes and the BIG Ideas - The big ideas unpack the meaning and outline content suitable for each stage.

Supporting SciTech in the Primary School CD ROM now on-line.

    Syllabus Support

Syllabus Tour  – A tutorial for a better understanding of the intent of the syllabus. This interactive tutorial was designed by Gillian Mulholland K-6 Science and Technology consultant, Western NSW for the RiverWest CD Rom. See below.

Introduction to the Syllabus - This Power-Point gives detailed information about the syllabus.

Values and Attitudes – Looks at what students need for engaged and enriched learning, and invites teachers to reflect on questions related to relevant values and attitudes. 

RiverWest – A resource collection for Science and Technology designed by Aldina Craig, Joe Everitt, Helen Lansdown, and Gillian Mulholland K-6 Science and Technology consultants, Western NSW and Riverina Regions for the RiverWest CD Rom.

Curriculum Support- NSW Dept. of Education and Training Primary SciTech webpage. This site has links to professional development and further examples of class units. In 2005 many of the workshops and/or programs developed by the DET SciTech Consultant team 2002-2004 will be uploaded. (Access only for DET teachers. Your 'leave' code is your password.)

   Professional Development

Calendar of DET Sydney Region 2006 SciTech Network meetings.

2006 Sydney Region SciTech Network

Workshops and Conference

All workshops currently planned to be held at:

St George Conference Room 1, Arncliffe

 4.15pm – 6.00pm

Term 1
Wk 5

Term 2
Wk 4

Term 3
Wk 3&7

Term 4
Wk 3


1 March


23 May


2 Aug


7 Sept


2 Nov


"Water Tight"


“ASISTM SciTech tasks”



Whole Day

“SciTech Conference” at GRC Oatley Campus




Paulene Dowd +

Tanya Coli


Ric Connor +

Lorraine Simmiss-Taylor


Lorraine Simmiss-Taylor


Rosemary +

shared org.


Mari Mowbray

SciTech Coordinators will receive flyers advertising each Network Meeting at the beginning of each term.

For further information, fax St George Area Office at 9556 3097


Bondi/ Port Jackson & St George/ Sutherland School Education Areas

Keep a look out for further SciTech workshops from associations such as TiPS (Technology in Primary School), CSIRO and the Powerhouse Museum.